True Nourishment

Not all CBD products are with these certifications

What is CBD?

Update: due to the uncertainty in the 2018 Farm Bill and CBD now being regulated by the FDA, CBD is NOT legal in all 50 states. 

About Our Founder

At age 24, Jamie Hadfield found herself suffering from four (4) late stage chronic diseases.

After consulting over 800 medical doctors and seeing 8 different physician specialists around the world with no diagnosis, she knew she had to take matters into her own hands.

Looking for hope, she went home and studied the science of all types of medicine. Equipped with her experience as a licensed RN in 14 states and a masters degree in business, she came across CBD (also known as Hemp Extract Oil) while studying genomics nutrition.

Within just 30 days of taking CBD daily, she noticed a massive difference in her inflammation and the reverse of her diseases. After just a few short months, Jamie saw her life completely transformed.

She regained control of her life after 10 years of suffering.

Jamie was free to practice Functional Medicine and become an expert and train in Nutra-genomics to truly understand the benefits and power of CBD & Food as medicine.


NEED HELP FINDING YOUR THERAPEUTIC DOSE  Dr. Ethan Carruthers practiced community pharmacy at Walgreens, Walmart, and Setzer Pharmacy before joining LeafLine Labs as a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist, where he developed the dosing and titration schedules that are used today. He is a passionate supporter of the measured use of cannabis for medical purposes. Learn more here:


B.S. in Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Minnesota 

PharmD, University of Minnesota