Jamie at Utah CANN May 2019.   Overview of the Endocannabinoid System

 Dr. Victoria Sutcher Healing Chronic disease by looking for the cause of the unbalance in the body.  

The importance and role of Health Coaching with Carlee Gephart

Dinner Conversation with Barbara Alexander and Husband Brian Wheeler.  How to live a purposeful life and what type of footprint are we leaving in the world.  

Barbara Alexander calls herself a "Yoga Slut" and speak about lifestyle as medicine and how plant medicine is where we should start.  Here her perspective on CBD. 

Chris Fontes with Hemp Exchange is helping the hemp industry by providing a reputaputable exchange of quality hemp products. A place to buy and sell with only verified business. Find out more here. 

Brian Weeler tells his story with CBD and how it helped him with knee surgery.

Nutraceutical Best Practices for Manufacturing.  Ryan Darrow is a Functional Medicine Consultant 



Di Marzo described the ECS’s primary functions as, “relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect.”   

Dr. Di Marzo is co-author of more than 450 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, including several reviews on endocannabinoids. He has been also Editor or co-Editor of three books on endocannabinoids.  In 2010 he was the most cited author in the field of “Pharmacology and Toxicology”

Clinical Educator Steve Ottersberg clinical explains the role of cannabinoids in the body

TOPIC:  Cannabis from a BioChemist and Formulator Perspective

Mica Gross works for Technica Botanica  helping  companies formulate their products. Listen to what he has to say about cannabis.  

TOPIC: Help me understand the grow of Cannabis!

Jaesen Kantar help us understand the roots of growing Cannabis! Good soil is key to healthy plants. 

TOPIC: Answers!!! Cannabis Financial Solutions

MMJ Financial Solutions continues to work to hard to find the best available solutions for Processing, Banking and Loans to meet the needs of dispensaries, cultivators, ancillary, and other high risk businesses. 

Company founder and owner, Wayne Weisenfluh is known for his character, loyalty, experience, motivation and passion. He and his team members are always an advocate for their clients. They trust their clients will look to his company for their financial service solutions now and in the future as event more new and better opportunities present themselves. 

TOPIC: How Much CBD Should I Take? A Pharmacist Gives Answers with Dr. Ethan Carruthers 
(part 2/2)

TOPIC: A Pharmacists View On CBD, with Dr. Ethan Carruthers (Part 1/2)

Dr. Carruthers debunks common misconceptions and clears up the "fog" that is CBD dosing, expectations, and top level benefits. If you're a patient, practitioner or distributer of #CBD, you don't want to miss this critical knowledge. We hope this podcast helps provide some guidance to those of you interested in CBD or are taking any form of Cannabis/Cannabidiol.


TOPIC: Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. Arlene Johnston

Interested in non surgical vaginal rejuvenation? Click here: http://healthandvitalityutah.com/


TOPIC: Cannabis Legal Landscape with Attorney Orion Inskip


TOPIC:  Cannabis: Where the science is at and where it's headed, with Dr. Moskowitz.   

Dr. Moskowitz is the author of Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners, and Caregivers separates myth from reality and proves itself invaluable to your own decision making about this therapeutic approach. In his book and this podcast he explains  he discusses how cannabis is helping his patients with Pain, cancer, sleep disturbance, mood disorders, epilepsy, osteoporosis, anxiety disorders, and many others conditions. 

Image result for Medical Cannabis Michael Moskowitz






TOPIC:  Squash your reasons for avoiding the GYM..   "I need to get in shape before I do Crossfit"   REALLY...

 Generator Crosfit gym owner David Burrell states, “the best time to exercise for most people is the time you can fit it into your schedule.”   Get educated on how to get peak performance in you life.  The importance of exercise diet and  revery.  How CBD is helping David's client recover from sore muscle aches.   

TOPIC:  FOOD how it can completely transform your life! 

 We had the opportunity to hear Wendy's story on how eating raw food has completely transformed her life. From which foods to avoid to hair follicle testing, Wendy shares her passion about the healing of plants. From her bio on https://www.rawchefwendy.com - "Wendy P. Thueson is owner of Raw Chef Wendy, LLC. She is a certified Chef, Master Herbalist and Raw Food Coach. She is passionate about the healing power of plants and sharing her message of hope with others because of her life changing experience regaining her health in 2009. She suffered from chronic fatigue for 28 years, debilitating neck and back pain, brain fog, stuttering, Grave's disease, and hypoglycemia to name a few. Wendy began eating a high amount of raw foods and using herbs medicinally. As a result, she is now symptom, pain and medication free. She educates all ages through hands-on classes, speaking at various events, and has been featured on television, radio and in magazines. She has authored several books and coaching programs to help others learn how to eat and live happier lives."

TOPIC:  What her doctor didn't tell her about her Chron's Disease

Dr. Carmel Ferria  became her first patient when she discovered she had Chron's Disease while she was in Naturopathic School. Dr. Carmel Ferreira is practicing at the newly created Empowered Healing Center. It is our utmost desire to assist our patients to dream again. Whether success in employment, business, relationships, family, or longevity of life are sought after, Empowered Healing Center holds the key to attaining these things by elevating your health to the heights necessary to take on the challenges of Life."

TOPIC: Mystery of life that Science cannot always explain. 

Dr. Amanda Lucero Naturopathic MD.  Functional Medicine and Anti Aging Specialist. "During my years as a Pilates trainer, I witnessed my clients’ profound healing from conditions such as sciatica, unremitting pain, and even neuromuscular recovery from stroke. I was astounded by how a system of body-mind exercise could have such a therapeutic effect on people. It proved to me that if provoked in a positive and mindful way, the body has a powerful inherent ability to heal. Still, something was missing; I wanted to find a system of healing that covered more pathologies, one that looked to the biochemical and even spiritual roots of these conditions.  I was searching for something that (like myself) held a deep reverence for the natural world, relied heavily on research,  but also respected the mysteries in life that science cannot always explain. It was then that I began to pursue an education in naturopathic medicine.." 

TOPIC: What else can you do besides meds for mental health?  

Diane Young- Nurse Practitioner practices Integrative Medicine.  Diane Young has been in health care for 18 years. Nurse Practitioner for 5 years. Started out in her career path in ADD and addiction recovery. She’s now moved from conventional medicine to functional medicine. The other day when I was speaking with her, she said, “Jamie, once you study functional medicine you can’t go back to conventional medicine.” 

TOPIC: What we need to to about Alzheimer's!!! 

9 Pathways from your gut to your brain and 1 pathway from your brain to your gut!  NINE

In this episode, our friend Dr. Stan Gardner MD Functional Medicine Expert streams decades of experience and ongoing training into a brief 59 minutes. With what's practically just a blink in time, we dive into a wealth of knowledge in the rapidly progressing world of medicine. As an M.D., Dr. Gardner practiced conventional Western medicine for over 20 years before incorporating principles of prevention by strengthening the immune system. Dr. Gardner has made it his quest to make healthy alternatives to drugs and surgery available to the world as the first line of treatment in health. 

 TOPIC:  What does the Endocannabinoid System do in our bodies

Jamie Presents to a group Utah Hormone group. Practitioners that are dedicated to  finding the root cause of disease.  Jamie goes into detail of why her journey led her into the CBD business and goes into deep science of what the Endocannabinoid system does and the role of the CB1, CB2 receptors, Cannabinoid Signaling Molecules and Cannabinoid enzymes.   

In depth overview of CBD.  

 TOPIC:  National Medical Panel at UTAH CANN

Cannabis Conference. Oct. 2018.  Jamie representing Utah. 

TOPIC:What You Don't Know About Your Chiropractor, with Dr. Perry Lofthouse

 TOPIC: The Balance between Conventional and Alternative Healing 

Anna Shirra, RN, Medium & Reiki Master, shares her insights into the power of energy work and finding your balance between conventional and alternative healing in this  She also speak about how CBD has come up in her practice. 


TOPIC:  Miraculous healing journey guided by faith and energy.

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Karsen Delgado.  Owner of Body Balanced Care. Genetics Nutrigenomics, to Pharmaceutical to Spiritual DNA.  How they all play a role.  

TOPIC: Anti-Aging Skincare in your 30s, 40s, and 50s 

Robbi Boyer is the cofounder of Xage Medical, a medical spa specializing in anti aging treatments. In this episode Robbi shares anti aging techniques you need to be doing for your skin at every stage of your life. items that can benefit someones life today and everyday. Xage Medical Spa: http://www.xagemedicalspa.com/  Jamie Hadfield works  at Xage Medical  as there Anti-aging Nurse Injector.  

TOPIC: Program Your Brain to Get Exactly What You Want

Brad Greene - Physician Assistant in Neurosurgery.  Expert in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programing. (the art of persuasion)